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Foot Massage Roller

Massages the arches of your feet to relieve soreness and tightness in tired, achy feet. Roll under your feet and feel the soothing stimulation of a good massage. Use 2-3 minutes per day to keep your arches loose and comfortable.

Relieve Pain & Tightness - Ergonomically contours to the shape of your arch.  The textured surface enables applied pressure to myofascial tissue for deep muscle-relaxation & release.

Relieve Pain - Recommended for plantar fasciitis, foot arch pain, muscle knots, heel spurs, and cramps.

  • Textured Surface provides a kneading effect to gently release knots and promote blood circulation for a quick recovery.
  • Durable EVA: Made from high-density EVA foam and Phthalates-free PVC. No latex. No harmful or allergic chemicals.
  • Hot/Cold Technology: For added relief, place the roller in freezer or hot water. The roller will retain its temperature for up to 30 minutes.
  • Portable: Bring it everywhere to keep your feet feeling good. Under the desk, in the family room, gym bag, and carry-on bag – we keep them close.