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ComfortGrip™ Handlebar Extender

ComfortGrip™ is a handlebar extender that makes it easy to reach your bike's handlebar and eases stress on your wrist, neck, and shoulders. Relieve body tension and enjoy better posture for longer, more comfortable rides.

  • Easy Reach design provides support for a comfortable, relaxed grip.
  • Thick 3" cushioned grip promotes posture & stability.
  • Comfort ergonomics reduces tension in lower back, shoulders, arms and hands.

Compatible Bikes: Peloton (All models), NordicTrack (s15, s22, s27), Bowflex (C6, C7), and Schwinn (IC3, IC4) 


Discover new grip positions for enhanced comfort

Choose among a variety of ergonomic hand positions. Find the grip that's right for you to enjoy a more relaxed ride.

Our Guarantee

ComfortGrip was developed by avid Peloton members in search of improving their Power Zones. Peloton's non-adjustable handlebar made riding uncomfortable and limited progress.

After months of research, expert cyclists refined every element to optimize posture, stability and rider comfort.The result: 95% of cyclists tested saw instant performance benefits. During high-intensity workouts, they produced higher average outputs in and out of the saddle.

Experience ComfortGrip for 60 days, risk-free. If you don’t conquer your rides, simply contact us for a full refund of the purchase price!