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Tips for Your Best Ride

Posture setup

Tip: You transfer power more efficiently with a relaxed body
Keys to relax your body:
a.  Sit back in the saddle
b.  Maintain a straight back & lifted chest
c.  Relax your shoulders
d.  Put a soft bend in your elbows and avoid flaring out
e.  Keep a loose grip - you won't fall over
f.   Smile often!

Muscle Toning Exercise for ComfortGrip
Tip: You can significantly increases your heart rate and fat burning by adding some on-bike upper body (strength) exercises
Try these exercises
*Start with 3 sets of 10 repetitions each*
Pushups: Place your hands out wide and lower your chest toward the bar, then push back up.
Tricep press: Place your hands on the center holds and lower until your elbows until about parallel with the bar (creating a 90 degree hinge), then push back up.
Switch press:Place your hands on the center holds and lower only your left elbow toward your hip, then straighten your left as you drop your right elbow. Keep switching left and right.